Umpqua Valley Pickleball: Serving Committee Nov Meeting

Our little meeting

On a gloriously warm and sunny November afternoon the Serving Committee met at Reustle Winery for its monthly meeting. (It’s a thankless job, but somebody has to do it.) Besides healthful snacks (Hey Rey, what’s the recipe for that flatbread spread you made?) and a little wine tasting, we actually managed to conduct an agenda of official UVP business:

* Homework for this meeting was to bring a logo design for the UVP Web site and for a banner. (Larry has contacted a company which will make our banner at a nominal cost.) Big Dave’s pickleball monster was a bit scary, but between his other designs and Little and Big Lance’s, we should be able to come up with something to graphically represent our organization. Then, conduct more research to help players to choose the best pickleball paddle for the coming tournament.

* Of utmost importance to our group is line painting. The date has been a moving target, but the latest bullseye is the evening of  Tues. This is a critical date because the basketball court floors are going to be stripped and all lines painted before the floors are refinished. This will be an opportunity for UVP to have permanent lines for not just three pickleball courts, but six. (So when Ashland or another club visits, we’ll have lines ready without having to tape.)

Big Bill is in charge of the taping operation and Audrey, Rey and your humble ambassador have volunteered to help. It was also suggested that while we’re at it on Tuesday that we tape and paint lines for two outdoor courts on the concrete pad at the east end of the Y building.

* Audrey will contact Loren about adjusting the west curtain, which is a tad too high to stop pickleballs from rolling underneath it.

* Since our last meeting, Little Lance installed turnbuckles on the three net standards, making it a lot easier to set up and take down the equipment. The storage spot issue has still not been resolved, but hopefully Dale will be able to install brackets on the wall so that the standards don’t have to be put on top of shelves.

* Court space permitting, skills and drills for novices and for all others who want to practice their game are ongoing Wednesdays from 9 to 10. A tennis ball hopper has been ordered to make it easier to round up the balls. Audrey thought that funds would be available to make a fourth standard like the three we now to use during the practice sessions.

* A plan for building dedicated outdoor courts is still in the future, but outdoor play will be tested on Monday on the concrete pad at the east end of the Y building. Since the indoor space is being used next week for the Y Partner’s Camp, a net will be set up outside next week to see what it’s like playing outside. Big Bill will also contact Jeremy at the Umpqua Valley Tennis Association about our taping one of the end courts to play pickleball.


* Gail wrote a mission statement and goals for our group. The edited version is on the Goals page of the blog.

* Kelly reported via email that the ceramic piggy bank has about $57. Those present at the meeting thought that it would be better to keep collecting money in the piggy rather than having local dues. (If you haven’t joined USA Pickleball Association, our national organization, please do so.) The money will probably go towards the cost of an Umpuqa Valley Pickleball banner.

* The Serving Committee enjoyed meeting outdoors while tasting Reustle wines so much that it was decided to have our December meeting on the sunny side also. Join the brew crew by bringing your favorite craft beer, tentatively scheduled at Singleton Park is on Dec 15.

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