Pregnancy And Birth – Pregnancy Tips


Pregnancy and birth go hand in hand. Pregnancy is a result of conception. After conception, motherhood is usually beckoning for the expectant mother. During pregnancy, the mother to be should be very careful in whatever she does in order to ensure the safety of the unborn kid. Consequently, there are some sound precautions that the pregnant woman should take in order to take full care of the baby in her womb.

These precautions will also help in ensuring that the mother to be is safe during this crucial period of pregnancy and birth. Preparation and planning is a common characteristic of the expectant parents during pregnancy. The expectant mother goes through great trouble to ensure that she does all in her ability to keep the unborn baby safe and sound.

However, slight mistakes during this period may result into unwanted results. The first three to four months of pregnancy are the most crucial stage of pregnancy. It is during this period that all the organs in the baby’s body develop. As a result, the mother should choose what she eats with the utmost care to keep away pregnancy and birth associated problems.

Avoiding Certain Foods

For example, sea foods are highly recommended for our health. Indeed nutritionists recommend that sea foods be a regular part our diet.  However, during pregnancy it is advisable to avoid sea foods as some of them may contain high levels of mercury which may lead to unwanted complications.

Get Enough Sleep

Getting a nice sleep at night will greatly boost your health and productivity. It is also true to pregnant women. You can use a specific type of pillows like a pregnancy pillow to help you be comfortable at night.

No Alcohol

Alcohol is a mines field for a pregnant lady. It is attributed as the cause of fatal alcohol syndrome (FAS). Babies born with FAS may develop features that are abnormal, have learning problems or even have retarded growth.

No Smoking

Smoking is also very dangerous during this period.

Avoiding Injuries

Despite the care the mother may have taken to ensure the unborn baby is safe, it is not unusual for injuries to occur during childbirth to the mother and baby. High risk pregnancies are known to increase the risk of injuries. Proper pre-natal care that is coupled with frequent checkups is always the best preventive measure to injuries during pregnancy.

An appointment with a recognised medical practitioner is of prime importance. Medical practitioners of dubious credential are known to cause severe injuries to both the mother and the unborn baby during childbirth. Experienced medical practitioners will handle any complications during pregnancy and birth in a professional manner.

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