Practice Is Not The Only Thing Important

Practice Is Not The Only Thing Important, Having The Tennis Equipment Is Equally Important


I am sure that you might have heard that practice makes a man perfect and I am sure that you all believe that it’s true. I would like a slight modification here. Practice makes a man perfect in what he does.

Therefore if you practice your mistakes you will master your mistakes whereas if you practice the right way you can become a champion. How many of you think that equipment is more important than the man who uses the equipment?

Why do you think that Roger Federer uses almost the same type of racket every time and not just a random racket? The reason is that these people know the importance of the right tennis racquet.

The first and foremost thing that a tennis player must have is a tennis racket. You can master the best shot in tennis and yet not implement it if you don’t have the right racket for it. You can develop your backhand but here again, you cannot implement it in the best way unless you have the right equipment.

For beginners, I recommend that you READ THIS ARTICLE about tennis racquets for starters.

People that play tennis seriously spend a fortune of money on buying the right racket for them. Some people are so choosy about the rackets that they play tennis with custom made rackets.

tennis racquet and ball in the grass

I am sure that I don’t need to further emphasize the importance of tennis racket. The next two things that are really important for good tennis experience are tennis clothing and tennis shoes.

The options are endless once you come to choosing one. There are so many types of shoes and clothing that you cannot even imagine. Here, there is no general rule that you should buy one type of clothes and leave the rest of the type. It all comes down to your general preferences and that you can only find out by going on the field and trying out some of the options.

Once you are out there you will be able to find your preference in no time at all. One of the things that are usually left as it is is wristbands. This single and small thing can make a hell of a difference in your tennis game. If you don’t believe me then the best way to validate my statement is to go out there and find out yourself.

Once you play without these wristbands you will feel a sense of pain in your wrist. The reason is that you will be putting so much pressure on this unsupported wrist that your wrist muscles will begin to loosen and that will cause you pain.

I can motivate you on buying these wristbands in another way also. Have you seen that certain players have a very strong forehand? Ever wondered what the secret is? Well, it’s these power balance wristbands. The bottom line is that having the right equipment is the single most important factor in a good game of tennis. You cannot even imagine enjoying the thrill of a tennis match unless you have the right equipment. World top rank players are proof of that. Therefore you should get the complete kit and then enjoy the pleasures of it.

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