Practice Is Not The Only Thing Important

Practice Is Not The Only Thing Important, Having The Tennis Equipment Is Equally Important


I am sure that you might have heard that practice makes a man perfect and I am sure that you all believe that it’s true. I would like a slight modification here. Practice makes a man perfect in what he does.

Therefore if you practice your mistakes you will master your mistakes whereas if you practice the right way you can become a champion. How many of you think that equipment is more important than the man who uses the equipment?

Why do you think that Roger Federer uses almost the same type of racket every time and not just a random racket? The reason is that these people know the importance of the right tennis racquet.

The first and foremost thing that a tennis player must have is a tennis racket. You can master the best shot in tennis and yet not implement it if you don’t have the right racket for it. You can develop your backhand but here again, you cannot implement it in the best way unless you have the right equipment.

For beginners, I recommend that you READ THIS ARTICLE about tennis racquets for starters.

People that play tennis seriously spend a fortune of money on buying the right racket for them. Some people are so choosy about the rackets that they play tennis with custom made rackets.

tennis racquet and ball in the grass

I am sure that I don’t need to further emphasize the importance of tennis racket. The next two things that are really important for good tennis experience are tennis clothing and tennis shoes.

The options are endless once you come to choosing one. There are so many types of shoes and clothing that you cannot even imagine. Here, there is no general rule that you should buy one type of clothes and leave the rest of the type. It all comes down to your general preferences and that you can only find out by going on the field and trying out some of the options.

Once you are out there you will be able to find your preference in no time at all. One of the things that are usually left as it is is wristbands. This single and small thing can make a hell of a difference in your tennis game. If you don’t believe me then the best way to validate my statement is to go out there and find out yourself.

Once you play without these wristbands you will feel a sense of pain in your wrist. The reason is that you will be putting so much pressure on this unsupported wrist that your wrist muscles will begin to loosen and that will cause you pain.

I can motivate you on buying these wristbands in another way also. Have you seen that certain players have a very strong forehand? Ever wondered what the secret is? Well, it’s these power balance wristbands. The bottom line is that having the right equipment is the single most important factor in a good game of tennis. You cannot even imagine enjoying the thrill of a tennis match unless you have the right equipment. World top rank players are proof of that. Therefore you should get the complete kit and then enjoy the pleasures of it.

The Tennis Ball Machine – Do you really need one?

Tennis is a sport that can be frustrating or it can be a smooth sailing in the beginning. However, most people have a rough start with their tennis training. The first step is to familiarize yourself with the rules of how to play tennis. Go get yourself an easy to use racquet and some shoes to start playing.

If you have a trainer to help you along the way, you may have a much better time. Of course, there are bad trainers out there that can make it harder for you to learn how to play tennis properly. The environment in which you train is also a large factor in how easy or difficult it will be for you to learn the basics of tennis.

Most beginners will not have any idea of how tennis is learned. Beginners will not know how many balls they must hit before the movement becomes automatic for them. Beginners must learn that the hardest part of tennis is not necessarily the technical but rather the perception of the flight and movement of the ball to a particular spot.

A good trainer will know that the first thing that their beginner must work on is repetition. If you have a good trainer, you will more than likely be hitting balls from the machine for a very long time. If you do not have a trainer, this is the best place for you to start. Hitting the balls that are speeding at you out of the machine will help your tennis swing to become mechanical.

You can also switch up the ball machine to launch the balls at you from different angles so that you can practice your footwork. Practicing your footwork is also a very important factor in your success at tennis.

However, you must swing and hit the balls until you reach the point that you understand the movement of the ball, the movement of your arm, as well as balancing and striking the ball. These movements must be one fluid motion before you should move onto other aspects of training.

You must practice this until it becomes a second nature to you. As a beginner, you must not be easily frustrated by your training. Errors are a perfectly normal part of everyone’s training. A beginner’s errors when learning how to play tennis will be one of two things.

There are errors that are made because you are out of order or synch and there are errors that are caused due to your influence on the results.

The first error is due to a technique not being practiced enough. The more you practice, the less of these errors you will have.

The second error is due to your own judgment errors. For instance, a trainer may tell you to play gently and at the point you may forget to play gently or decide that you do not need to play gently. If you have a good trainer, remember to always listen to them.

Umpqua Valley Pickleball: Serving Committee Nov Meeting

Our little meeting

On a gloriously warm and sunny November afternoon the Serving Committee met at Reustle Winery for its monthly meeting. (It’s a thankless job, but somebody has to do it.) Besides healthful snacks (Hey Rey, what’s the recipe for that flatbread spread you made?) and a little wine tasting, we actually managed to conduct an agenda of official UVP business:

* Homework for this meeting was to bring a logo design for the UVP Web site and for a banner. (Larry has contacted a company which will make our banner at a nominal cost.) Big Dave’s pickleball monster was a bit scary, but between his other designs and Little and Big Lance’s, we should be able to come up with something to graphically represent our organization.

* Of utmost importance to our group is line painting. The date has been a moving target, but the latest bullseye is the evening of  Tues. This is a critical date because the basketball court floors are going to be stripped and all lines painted before the floors are refinished. This will be an opportunity for UVP to have permanent lines for not just three pickleball courts, but six. (So when Ashland or another club visits, we’ll have lines ready without having to tape.)

Big Bill is in charge of the taping operation and Audrey, Rey and your humble ambassador have volunteered to help. It was also suggested that while we’re at it on Tuesday that we tape and paint lines for two outdoor courts on the concrete pad at the east end of the Y building.

* Audrey will contact Loren about adjusting the west curtain, which is a tad too high to stop pickleballs from rolling underneath it.

* Since our last meeting, Little Lance installed turnbuckles on the three net standards, making it a lot easier to set up and take down the equipment. The storage spot issue has still not been resolved, but hopefully Dale will be able to install brackets on the wall so that the standards don’t have to be put on top of shelves.

* Court space permitting, skills and drills for novices and for all others who want to practice their game are ongoing Wednesdays from 9 to 10. A tennis ball hopper has been ordered to make it easier to round up the balls. Audrey thought that funds would be available to make a fourth standard like the three we now to use during the practice sessions.

* A plan for building dedicated outdoor courts is still in the future, but outdoor play will be tested on Monday on the concrete pad at the east end of the Y building. Since the indoor space is being used next week for the Y Partner’s Camp, a net will be set up outside next week to see what it’s like playing outside. Big Bill will also contact Jeremy at the Umpqua Valley Tennis Association about our taping one of the end courts to play pickleball.


* Gail wrote a mission statement and goals for our group. The edited version is on the Goals page of the blog.

* Kelly reported via email that the ceramic piggy bank has about $57. Those present at the meeting thought that it would be better to keep collecting money in the piggy rather than having local dues. (If you haven’t joined USA Pickleball Association, our national organization, please do so.) The money will probably go towards the cost of an Umpuqa Valley Pickleball banner.

* The Serving Committee enjoyed meeting outdoors while tasting Reustle wines so much that it was decided to have our December meeting on the sunny side also. Join the brew crew by bringing your favorite craft beer, tentatively scheduled at Singleton Park is on Dec 15.

Pregnancy And Birth – Pregnancy Tips


Pregnancy and birth go hand in hand. Pregnancy is a result of conception. After conception, motherhood is usually beckoning for the expectant mother. During pregnancy, the mother to be should be very careful in whatever she does in order to ensure the safety of the unborn kid. Consequently, there are some sound precautions that the pregnant woman should take in order to take full care of the baby in her womb.

These precautions will also help in ensuring that the mother to be is safe during this crucial period of pregnancy and birth. Preparation and planning is a common characteristic of the expectant parents during pregnancy. The expectant mother goes through great trouble to ensure that she does all in her ability to keep the unborn baby safe and sound.

However, slight mistakes during this period may result into unwanted results. The first three to four months of pregnancy are the most crucial stage of pregnancy. It is during this period that all the organs in the baby’s body develop. As a result, the mother should choose what she eats with the utmost care to keep away pregnancy and birth associated problems.

Avoiding Certain Foods

For example, sea foods are highly recommended for our health. Indeed nutritionists recommend that sea foods be a regular part our diet.  However, during pregnancy it is advisable to avoid sea foods as some of them may contain high levels of mercury which may lead to unwanted complications.

Get Enough Sleep

Getting a nice sleep at night will greatly boost your health and productivity. It is also true to pregnant women. You can use a specific type of pillows like a pregnancy pillow to help you be comfortable at night.

No Alcohol

Alcohol is a mines field for a pregnant lady. It is attributed as the cause of fatal alcohol syndrome (FAS). Babies born with FAS may develop features that are abnormal, have learning problems or even have retarded growth.

No Smoking

Smoking is also very dangerous during this period.

Avoiding Injuries

Despite the care the mother may have taken to ensure the unborn baby is safe, it is not unusual for injuries to occur during childbirth to the mother and baby. High risk pregnancies are known to increase the risk of injuries. Proper pre-natal care that is coupled with frequent checkups is always the best preventive measure to injuries during pregnancy.

An appointment with a recognised medical practitioner is of prime importance. Medical practitioners of dubious credential are known to cause severe injuries to both the mother and the unborn baby during childbirth. Experienced medical practitioners will handle any complications during pregnancy and birth in a professional manner.

Making of the Modern World



I, as a Mathematics- Computer Science major, can say, without a doubt, that I have enjoyed MMW (in an “overall” sense). At this moment in time most of my friends are snickering because from day one I was falling asleep in class.

Now, I had only fallen asleep in one other class before I came to college and that was Craig Holiday’s Economics course in the second semester of my senior year in high school (right now all those friends are astonished or doubtful) due to the fact that I was running majorly low on sleep and Dr. Pepper with my insane schedule.

Anyhow, I have to admit that I sleep through most of my MMW classes (I cannot say all because there are times I know I was too awake and would have rather been asleep during the lecture). But that doesn’t mean that I haven’t learned anything. In fact, I’ve actaully learned a lot more than I thought I knew. Thanks to my graphics calculator, It makes my subjects so much easier. This is what I am using, click me!

I suppose that I will end up becoming one of the “well-rounded” products that the ERC Administration strives to develop. The thought of how much I had actually had learned hadn’t really occured to me until I was sitting down reading something– I forget exactly which book –and I reasoned that the course of events leading up to the story had to have been like such and such historically significant movement.

My eyes grew wide and I immediately tossed the book down, cursing MMW for all its horrible worth. I quickly realized then how much of an impact the almost never-ending course had made in my life. The scariest part of MMW is the fact that I don’t know what to do with that extra spot for a class now that I’m finished. I can’t go a day without hearing someone say, “Shoot me! Only one more quarter… and then it’ll all be over… it’ll all be okay then.”

But I think I actually miss it! I know it sounds crazy but, hey, having a designated naptime during the day has done wonders for my nocturnal habits! Aside from that, I don’t have a guaranteed class with my ERC friends– this is also partially because none of them are Mathematics or Computer Science majors, so most of them (if they even had to take math) stopped at 21C (except for George who took Math 20E with me because I told him that we could both get A’s… but we both ended up getting rocked).

So, all in all: MMW hasn’t really been that bad. I just hope that my appreciation for it will continue to grow such that the amount of time I have spent in it will be well worth my efforts.

The Writing Torture Program

Now, in all honesty, I never minded writing papers– I figured they were apart of the whole “high school getting you prepared to go to college” motif, and I was sure that in college I would end up being required to write some sort of formal paper or two for a writing requirement because even though I’m a Mathematics major I really could never escape writing in general. (I know… the world is flawed, isn’t it?) That is, I never minded until I got to college…

Incoming ERC freshmen should not be afraid of MMW because it is thought to be a six quarter history course that has nothing to do with their major– they should be afraid because the latter five of those quarters require major writing skills to tackle.
I have to admit, I thought Mike Zirretta was nuts for making me learn the MLA Handbook inside out, backwards, and upside down– please note that I never said forwards (Hammer XX). Once MMW 2: The Great Classical Traditions started, I knew that I was so far ahead of the game that I could sitout of the first half and still beat the other team without a doubt in my mind.

Thanks goes to Mr. Z for being psycho and once again saving my rear! The writing program at ERC is excellent, but it is also very intense and excruciatingly painful if you go into it with the wrong attitude. Every student is taught how to analyse a document (not necessarily “literature”) and piece together the history and significance within parts and as a whole. It is an extremely effective technique but it does require a lot of discipline and hard work in order to master (something I am still working on). The method is this:

  1. Answer questions geared toward a historical stand point
  2. Integrate the already known knowledge of literary analysis
  3. Create your own questions like the ones initially given
  4. Learn and utilize effective researching techniques
  5. Take all of the above and create an idea for a research paper
  6. Learn the benifits of writing a “Prospectus”
  7. Complete a good sized research paper
  8. Continue to practice the above in the rest of your papers
  9. Develop your own style and twists with this writing technique
  10. The students must learn this as well as conform their own writing style that they developed during high school into something that is a part of what ERC known for– “Eleanor Roosevelt College turns out the greatest writers at UCSD.”

4 Fantastic Travel Destinations For Easter


It is the time when the temperature actions into hotter times and enjoyable evenings. People all the way from Europe to North America commence to get ready for travellers and visitors throughout this period. With the point out of Easter, the first factor that strikes one’s head is the colorful carnivals, joyous fanfare, bands and parades.

A few destinations are renowned for Easter Carnivals. If you are arranging a limited-expression getaway in the course of the Easter holidays, listed here are several choices. The initial 3 examine swift and crisp breaks and the previous a few are the very best options for stress-free and unwinding with your loved ones. Though these are just strategies, you want to program your holidays keeping a handful of factors in brain.

The outing should in shape into your vacation plan. See that every single member of the family members enjoys the getaway. It is not essential you make the trip a spiritual or concept dependent a single.


The Easter Carnival Competition of Jamaica started off in 1990. It begins every single year at Beach Jouvert on Easter Sunday in advance of daybreak and goes until late at evening.

The total cavalcade ends with the Highway March performed by guys in colourful uniforms. Calypso and Reggae are the locals’ favorite type of tunes, different bands play it. Reaching the place is not a dilemma. There are quite a few flights presenting discounted airfare on Easter. Hotels must be booked just before hand by visitors to steer clear of large rates. Kingston, very well regarded for the prison functions that go on there is the capitol.

Be cautious in this metropolis. Nightclubs and dining establishments work all around the clock through the celebrations.

Semana Santa, Spain

Semana Santa is well-known for church buildings. Easter eve is a exclusive occasion in this city. Spiritual parsons and monks carry out processions in the course of this time. They dress up in long robes and hoods. The passion of Christ is the foundation for these processions.

Massive processions start out out from the churches on Thursday night time the processions go about the town the full night time and return to the church on Good Friday early morning. Numerous persons participate in a procession a band that does religious recitals accompanies it.There are a number of areas to continue to be in the city match for the households. Bars and eateries are open more several hours for the vacationers. For the comfort of tourists, many airways offer you low-cost flights during this interval.

Sao Bras de Alportel, Portugal

This is a smaller city in Portugal. It is quite tranquil and tranquil with churches and nice beach locations. On Easter Sunday the full town will come together to take part in their distinctive ceremony. Vibrant flowers and ribbons embellish the streets. A procession goes out from the main church accompanied by monks, religious members and the general public.

They shout slogans on the way like ‘Christ has risen’ and ‘Hallelujah’.The town has numerous beaches and restaurants that provide mouth watering native foods. Low cost resorts offer you inexpensive rooms that are vacant even for the duration of the festive time. Just remember to guide air tickets in advance for hassle-absolutely free enjoyment.